Dynapac CA1300PDB

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■ Back up alarm ■ Battery switch (std) ■ Brake release ■ Cup and can holder ■ Differential lock (limited slip) ■ Drive control (right side) ■ Drum drive ■ ECO mode, Emergency stop ■ Engine 75 hp (Tier4final) ■ Engine hood (lockable) ■ Fuel level display ■ High mounted exhaust pipe ■ Horn, Hour meter display ■ Hydraulic checkpoints ■ Hydraulic fluid filter (“spin-on”) ■ Hydraulic fluid (mineral), Interlock ■ Key (starter), Lifting points ■ Lifting pointsfor jack ■ Manuals (Operation & Maintenance) ■ Manuals (Spare parts catalogue) ■ Operator’s platform (rubber mouted) ■ Operator’s station (fixed), Parking brake ■ ROPS(fixed) or Cab with AC/heater/fan ■ Seat (adjustable), Seat belt 3″ ■ Storage box (on platform) ■ Storage for laminated manuals ■ Tie down points ■ Vandal cover (instrument panel) ■ Warning lights (brake ■ engine oil pressure ■ engine oil temperature, Engine diagnostics ■ low charge, low fuel level)


Operating mass (incl. ROPS) 5000 kg
Operating mass (incl. Cab) 5150 kg
Module mass (front/rear) 2250 kg/ 2750 kg
Max. operating mass 5350 kg
Speed range (Dual/TC/AS) 0 – 6 km/h
Tyre size (10 ply) 12.5-20
Max. theoretical gradeability 52 %
Vertical oscillation ±9°
Number of pads 72
Pad area 53 cm2
Pad height 76 mm
Engine / Drive
Manufacturer/Model Kubota V 3307 CR-TE4 (Stage IIIB/Tier 4f)
Rated power, SAE J1995 55 kW (75 hp) @ 2200 rpm
Type Water cooled turbo Diesel
Fuel tank capacity 117 l
Alternative Engine
Manufacturer/Model Kubota V 3307 CR-TE5 (Stage V)
Type Water cooled turbo Diesel
Rated power, SAE J1995 55 kW (75 hp) @ 2200 rpm
Fuel tank capacity 117 l
Hydraulic system
Driving Axial piston pump with variable displacement. Axial piston motor with constant displacement. Radial piston motor with constant displacement.
Vibration Gear pump/ motor with constant displacement.
Steering Gear pump with constant displacem.
Service brake Hydrostatic in forward and reverse lever.
Parking/ Emergency brake Failsafe multidisc brake in rear axle and front drum motor.
A. Wheelbase 1860 mm
B1. Width, front 1495 mm
B2. Width, rear 1400 mm
D. Drum diameter 1000 mm
H1. Height, with ROPS/cab 2540 mm
H2. Height, max. 2540 mm
K1. Ground clearance 260 mm
K2. Curb clearance 260 mm
K3. Blade clearance 300 mm
K4. Blade clearance, min. 100 mm
K5. Blade clearance, max. 500 mm
L. Length 3950 mm
L1. Length 4010 mm
L2. Length, with strike-off blade 4230 mm
O1. Overhang, right 62 mm
O2. Overhang, left 62 mm
P. Pad height 76 mm
R1. Turning radius, outside 3900 mm
R2. Turning radius, inside 2460 mm
S. Drum shell thickness 22 mm
W. Drum width 1370 mm
α. Steering angle ±33°
Operating Mass: 5000 kg
Static linear load: 13 kg/cm
Compaction width: 1370 mm